Have you ever had a great idea for a Starsky and Hutch story but just couldn't seem to write it yourself? Well now you have the chance to 'challenge' other writers to take your idea and run with it. E-Mail me and let me know what your challenge is and I'll post it here. I'll also post unfinished stories to be continued and the answers to all these stories and challenges. Have fun!


Challenge 1. by Judith

Starsky and Hutch go to collect a suspect from wherever and the plane crashes, badly hurting Hutch. They are in a deep forest in the middle of nowhere with no way to get help. Starsky has to use all the skills he learnt to survive in Vietnam in order to get them both out safe and well. I don't mind if it's on the way out to get the suspect or on the way back and the guy is on the loose with Starsky and Hutch in his sights. Either way Hutch is helpless and Starsky has to face an awful lot of old memories before they make it out. My only definite is that they do both make it out alive.

First answer to this challenge is: PLANE CRASH By Hylda.

NEW! Second answer to this challenge is: FIRESTORM By Starskys Strut

Challenge 2. By Wuemsel                

IŽd like to read a "Murder Ward"-what if- that has Starsky still in the hands of Dr. Mattwick, but Hutch hasnŽt been drugged, so heŽs the one whoŽs to come to the rescue. Maybe not...right away, though.IŽd like it to be a h/c one with - wait for it - lots of comfort!

NEW! First answer to this challenge is: MURDER WARD REVISTED By Shawne ‘til dawn

Challenge 3. By Loraine

I would love to see how Starsky and Hutch (not Paul and David) would react to the Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson movie about their lives.  Would they be disappointed?  Angry?  Embarrassed?  What would they think of the way they are portrayed?  It could take place at the premiere while they are watching the movie, or afterward, or wherever the author's imagination would like it to be.

First answer to this challenge is: "SCREEN WISE" By Wuemsel

Second answer to this challenge is: "MOVIE REVIEW" By Hylda
Challenge 4. By Loraine
I would love to see who can write the sappiest, mushiest, soapiest "soapy scene " snippet between the guys.  (I just love this stuff!) But please, no death stories. 

 Challenges 5 and 6. By Valerie Hewitson


I love the episode The Imposter, but I would like an added scene on what Starsky's feelings are when he finds Hutch unconscious and what both they are feeling  about their friend's new "job."


I also like the episode The Committee, but I always wondered how Hutch really felt about Starsky going undercover alone to catch the vigilante cops and did Starsky ever feel bad about punching him in the bar?

First answer to this challenge is: MISSING SCENE FROM "THE COMMITTEE" By Hylda.

Challenge 7. By Hylda
I would like to see someone write a story using all the titles of the Starsky and Hutch episodes.

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